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The Huntress/FBI Thrillers

Huntress Moon - Blood Moon - Cold Moon


These three books by Alexandra Sokoloff make for great summer (or anytime!) reading. The 3 thrillers trace the search of FBI agent Roarke and his team for a female serial vigilante killer. Book 1 introduces us to the fascinating lead characters and begins the exploration of the theme of the unfathomable lines between our destiny and randomness, between our unconscious ways of knowing and something more that speaks to us. These themes becomes stronger throughout the three books. The third book delves more in depth with the issue of human trafficking, a disturbing trend that appears to be on the rise.


The books are fast-paced, suspenseful, captivating. The prose is highly cinematic, I won't be surprised to see these books become movies.


I just pre-oredered Bitter Moon - due out Fall 2016. Can't wait.